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Interior Design

Interior design that is so much more than just a pretty space

Interior design should elevate your space in every way...

We ensure your space is as functional and efficient as it a place your community feels connected to

Often when we think of interior design we conjure images of nice throw rugs carefully placed, cohesively coloured cushions and soft and hard furnishings that bring a space to life. This is certainly part of the Coverite Projects interior design offering; the aesthetics matter to the ongoing experience.

However, interior design achieves so much more when a highly skilled eye can see how design can transform and elevate the function and sustainability of a space. Given our work with sectors requiring unique and deeply understood needs, it is our role to ensure our interior design service works with regulations, applicable aesthetic guidelines (for example, greater sensory considerations) as well as a warmth and connection to those using it.

Coverite Projects works closely with you on the project to understand your goals, the needs of your own clients and customers, and how we can reach them with clever design solutions.

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