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Aged Care

Raising the bar on Health and Aged Care facilities

Supporting aged care and health sectors for decades,  treating projects with the greatest care.

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Creating functional and meaningful spaces in Health and Aged Care

Using innovation and experience to meet a highly regulated sector with empathy, understanding and ability to meet a range of needs.


With commitment and passion for bettering the community, we work collaboratively with your healthcare and aged care sector project. Our end-to-end modular service means you can craft our solutions around your needs, whether that be our entire service offering, or just the areas you require. This holistic approach enables us to give a tailor-made experience to a sector that needs special care and consideration.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality experience, throughout every facet. The spaces for aged care need significant understanding of regulations, as well as the true needs of those who will be spending time in them. Safety and functionality at the forefront, and dedication to comfort and ease of the space.

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Health and Aged-Care

A care-first approach

With a deep-rooted legacy in the design and construction of healthcare and aged care facilities, we are dedicated to understanding the requirements of regulatory bodies, as well as the needs of facility owners and staff and, most importantly, health and aged-care occupants. Ensuring spaces prioritise their health, safety, comfort and enjoyment is paramount. 

We know that this sector has unique demands, and that these demands need to be flexible in their evolvement as the industry changes. We don’t just build spaces that work today, but that will remain supportive and relevant for years to come. Our high quality standard and close working relationships with all clients ensure a bespoke approach to the process and outcomes.

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Coverite’s approach

Trust and reliability, every time

Coverite Projects comprises a diverse team of professionals that cover end-to-end services from design to construction. With extensive experience in designing and delivering health and aged care spaces, we consistently provide outcomes for highly regulated projects that also need a caring and empathetic approach. 

Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge that you can lean on, guiding projects from initial conception to final construction and completion. With a customised modular methodology, we are committed to tailored solutions to demonstrate our dedication to giving you an exceptional, bespoke experience.

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