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Enhancing Aged Care Facilities for NCCCA

Jacaranda Lodge

We’ve turned aged care design into a fine art of balancing efficiency with empathy. Our approach minimised disruptions and fast-tracked delivery, ensuring residents’ lives continued with comfort and dignity. 

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design



Aged Care


26 weeks


$3M - $3.5M

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The opportunity

NCCCA faced substantial challenges when considering the refurbishment of Jacaranda Lodge. In 2020, they secured funding with the goal of modernising the aged care facility, placing a strong emphasis on improving accessibility and modernity. 

However, time constraints were a critical concern, as there was a need to renovate rooms promptly without losing the allocated funding. 

Furthermore, the project operated under a constrained budget while grappling with escalating construction costs. NCCCA was in search of a cost-effective solution to navigate these significant challenges.

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How we helped

To address NCCCA's challenges, Coverite Projects implemented a comprehensive strategy. Leveraging our unique Flexible Design & Construct (FDC) process, we seamlessly integrated design and construction, ensuring efficient project delivery. 

This approach allowed for the quick renovation of resident rooms without the loss of funding. We maximised cost-efficiency, achieving approximately 27% savings from the overall budget. 

Throughout the process, our team upheld the highest workmanship standards while respecting the fact that we were working within people's homes. 

Thanks to our dedication and expertise, the project was completed three months ahead of schedule, mitigating financial losses. Our tailored solution successfully tackled NCCCA's multifaceted issues.

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The outcome

Following the project's completion, NCCCA and aged care residents enjoy numerous benefits. The revitalised Jacaranda Lodge now provides a spacious, well-lit, and contemporary living environment. 

Residents enjoy an upgraded dining room for enhanced meal experiences, and the newly added activity space enriches their daily lives. 

The refurbishment includes widened doorways, fresh curtains, modern televisions, and improved flooring in 30 resident rooms, greatly improving comfort and quality of life. The project's early completion alleviated losses from vacant rooms. 

Overall, the transformed facility empowers NCCCA to deliver top-tier care and offer outstanding accommodation, significantly enhancing the well-being and contentment of its residents.

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"For anyone considering doing any sort of renovation works or master planning, I'd certainly recommend them to contact Coverite Projects. They are an experienced team which was great to deal with. The people and the business and the team of professionals that surround them were all as equally as capable and personable. Dealing with them was a delight."
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William Crowley CEO - NCCCA
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