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Enhancing Facilities for a Renewed Community Experience

Revamping Woolgoolga Village

Coverite Projects revitalised Woolgoolga Village, delivering a full refurbishment. The warm, coastal-inspired design, encompassing bedrooms, common areas, and external spaces, now offers residents a comfortable beachside home.

Architecture, Construction, Interior Design

Woolgoolga & District Retirement Village

Woolgoolga, NSW

Aged Care


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The opportunity

Prior to engaging Coverite Projects, Woolgoolga Village faced several challenges. 

The facility required a full refurbishment, including 36 resident bedrooms and ensuites, corridors, common areas, the main entry, reception, and external spaces. 

Located near the beach, the goal was to rejuvenate the facility, making it a welcoming beachside home for residents. 

The challenges included transforming the existing facility into a warm and inviting space that reflected the beauty of the Australian coastline. 

This required careful design, the use of bright yet neutral finishes, soft timbers, and beachy blues.

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How we helped

In our comprehensive refurbishment of Woolgoolga Village, we tackled various aspects, including 36 resident bedrooms with ensuites, corridors, common spaces, the main entrance, reception, and outdoor areas. 

Positioned near the beach, our aim was to rejuvenate the facility into a welcoming beachside retreat for residents. 

To achieve this, we meticulously planned the design, opting for a bright yet neutral palette, soft timber elements, and coastal blues. 

This thoughtful approach resulted in a warm and inviting environment, mirroring the beauty of the Australian coastline. 

Our team executed these tasks efficiently, delivering the project on time and within budget, fulfilling our client's expectations.

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The outcome

The refurbishment project at Woolgoolga Village was truly transformational. 

Through meticulous design and craftsmanship, we successfully revitalised the facility into a warm and inviting beachside haven for residents. 

The bright yet neutral finishes, soft timber accents, and coastal blues not only created a visually appealing environment but also enhanced the overall comfort and ambiance. 

The residents now enjoy a relaxing and sun-filled atmosphere that mirrors the serene Australian coastline, providing them with a sense of comfort and well-being. 

Moreover, the facility's transformation has elevated its reputation, making it an attractive and sought-after choice for residents seeking a high-quality, beachside living experience.

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"They just have a process of works. Going above and beyond our expectations here at every point. The parent community are really excited about it. The students have been hanging to get onto the court. There are a lot of builders that promise to do things, but don't always deliver. These guys delivered."
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Michael Lowbridge Business Manager - Green Point Christian College
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