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Enhancing Comfort and Well-Being

Aurrum Aged Care

Coverite Projects successfully rejuvenated Aurrum Norah Head, an aged care facility, drawing inspiration from the Australian coastline to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for residents and staff, resulting in improved quality of life.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design


Norah Head - NSW

Aged Care


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The opportunity

Prior to engaging Coverite Projects, Aurrum Norah Head faced several challenges with their seaside aged care home refurbishment. 

The goal was to transform the facility into a relaxed and uplifting environment inspired by the Australian coastline. 

Challenges included designing a space that embodied the fresh, breezy, and warm coastal atmosphere, incorporating warm tones, soft patterns, and timber accents to reflect the beach's natural materiality. 

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What we did

Coverite Projects undertook the complete refurbishment of Aurrum Norah Head, addressing the challenges faced by the aged care home. We carefully crafted a seaside-inspired environment by incorporating warm tones, soft patterns, and timber accents, evoking the coastal atmosphere. 

Our team's dedication to the project ensured successful on-time and on-budget delivery, leading to a highly satisfying client relationship. By blending design elements reminiscent of a coastal paradise with practical solutions, we created a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for both residents and staff. 

This transformation has greatly enhanced the living experience at Aurrum Norah Head, providing comfort, tranquility, and a sense of home by the beach.

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The outcome

The refurbishment of Aurrum Norah Head by Coverite Projects brought substantial benefits to both the client and the aged care residents. The seaside-inspired design, with warm tones and timber accents, created a homely and uplifting atmosphere that residents now cherish. 

The facility's transformation has improved the quality of life for residents, providing them with a comfortable and inviting living space. Additionally, the design enhances staff morale and working conditions, contributing to improved care and service delivery. 

Aurrum Norah Head now stands as a welcoming and peaceful coastal haven, fostering a sense of tranquility and well-being for all who reside and work there.

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"Coverite Projects were able to complete works 24 weeks ahead of schedule amid a global pandemic with COVID, it has been absolutely amazing. It has minimised the impact and disruption to residents and our team, and it has all been delivered within the original agreed budget. My experience with Coverite Projects has been exceptional and one of the best."
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Lynne Dixson Aurrum Aged Care
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