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The Armidale School - Croft House Expansion and Refurbishment Project

Modernising Heritage Education

Expansion and refurbishment of The Armidale School boarding facilities, enhancing student spaces and heritage integration.

Project Management, Architecture, Interior Design

The Armidale School

Armidale, NSW



Education-Completed-Projects The-Armidale-School---Croft-House the-armidale-school-croft-house-banner-image-1
Education-Completed-Projects The-Armidale-School---Croft-House the-armidale-school-croft-house-body-image-1

The opportunity

Prior to Coverite’s engagement, The Armidale School identified an urgent need to enhance and extend its boarding facilities. The school aimed to improve the living spaces for students and create a new central atrium to foster interaction and community. 

They also intended to seamlessly blend the new developments with the existing heritage elements of Croft House. The challenge was to upgrade the environment while preserving the school's historical character. 

There was a clear opportunity for a partner to realise this vision, one who could manage the intricacies of architectural design, heritage integration, and the creation of modern educational spaces.

Education-Completed-Projects The-Armidale-School---Croft-House the-armidale-school-croft-house-body-image-3

How we helped

Upon joining the project, we at Coverite took on the challenge to expand and modernise The Armidale School’s boarding facilities. 

Our approach was to design a seamless blend of the new structures with the cherished heritage of Croft House. We focused on creating a vibrant central atrium and functional student spaces, prioritising the students' experience and the school’s historical essence. 

Through meticulous architectural design, interior design, project management, and securing authority approvals, we transformed the school’s vision into a tangible reality, enhancing both the educational environment and the sense of community within the school.

Education-Completed-Projects The-Armidale-School---Croft-House the-armidale-school-croft-house-body-image-3
Education-Completed-Projects The-Armidale-School---Croft-House the-armidale-school-croft-house-body-image-2

The outcome - Coming soon...

Currently Under Construction – stay tuned for the grand unveiling.  

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