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Revamping Educational Spaces at St Philip's: A New Era in Learning Infrastructure

SPCC Dynamic Learning Centre

At St Philip's Christian College, the Dynamic Learning Centre project transforms educational spaces by refurbishing learning areas, adding health rooms, offices, and a reception, featuring a central breakout zone, and integrating calming colors and smart acoustic panelling for an enhanced learning environment.

Architecture, Construction

SPCC - salamander-bay

Salamander Bay - NSW


Construction Phase

$800,000 - $1.2M

Education-Completed-Projects St-Phillips-Salamander-Bay-Dynamic-Learning st-phillips-salamander-bay-dynamic-learning-banner-image-3
Education-Completed-Projects St-Phillips-Salamander-Bay-Dynamic-Learning st-phillips-salamander-bay-dynamic-learning-body-image-1

The opportunity

The Dynamic Learning Centre project at St Philip's Christian College, Salamander Bay, presented a significant challenge before Coverite Projects' involvement. 

The existing learning areas were outdated and did not meet modern educational standards, creating a pressing need for refurbishment and reconfiguration.

The primary goal was to ensure that the design prioritised functionality while simultaneously fostering an ideal learning environment. 

Recognising the importance of these improvements, Coverite Projects also focused on incorporating warm, relaxing colours and smart acoustic panelling to enhance the learning experience. 

This project represents our commitment to elevating educational infrastructure, aligning with the college's dedication to providing high-quality learning spaces for students and staff.

Education-Completed-Projects St-Phillips-Salamander-Bay-Dynamic-Learning st-phillips-salamander-bay-dynamic-learning-body-image-2

How we helped

Coverite Projects has commenced construction on the Dynamic Learning Centre project at St Philip's Christian College, Salamander Bay. 

This transformative initiative involves the refurbishment and reconfiguration of learning areas, the creation of four dedicated learning spaces, a centralised breakout zone, and the addition of allied health/consultant rooms, staff offices, and a welcoming reception area.

The design prioritises functionality and includes warm, relaxing colours and smart acoustic panelling to enhance the future learning environment. 

Education-Completed-Projects St-Phillips-Salamander-Bay-Dynamic-Learning st-phillips-salamander-bay-dynamic-learning-body-image-2
Education-Completed-Projects St-Phillips-Salamander-Bay-Dynamic-Learning st-phillips-salamander-bay-dynamic-learning-banner-image-4

The outcome - Coming Soon...

Our team is in the early stages of executing the construction plan, ensuring that the vision for this modern and student-centric learning centre becomes a reality. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we bring this project to life!

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