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Heritage Meets Modern Comfort in Landmark Aged Care Facility Transformation

Napier Street Aged Care

Since 2017, Coverite Projects has undertaken a comprehensive refurbishment of Napier Street Aged Care, completing stages 1-5 and currently in stage 6. Collaborating closely with the client, we balanced heritage preservation with modern comfort, transforming the facility into a warm, inviting space for residents.

Napier Street Aged Care

South Melbourne - VIC

Aged Care

Stages 1-5 Complete. Stage 6 in progress

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Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Napier-Street-Aged-Care napier-street-aged-care-stages-1-6-body-image-3

The opportunity

The Napier Street Aged Care facility faced several challenges before our involvement. 

The heritage-listed bluestone building, originally a girls' orphanage, required a comprehensive refurbishment to meet modern standards while preserving its historical integrity. 

The interior lacked warmth and comfort, creating an inhospitable environment for residents. Maintaining the heritage elements while achieving a homely atmosphere presented a unique challenge. 

The client sought a transformation that would not only respect the building's history but also create an inviting space for elderly residents. Addressing these complex issues was crucial to ensuring the success of the refurbishment project.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Napier-Street-Aged-Care napier-street-aged-care-stages-1-6-body-image-2

How we helped

Coverite Projects embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment of the Napier Street Aged Care facility in 2017, completing stages 1 to 5 and currently in the midst of stage 6, the final phase. Throughout this transformative project, we partnered closely with the client to address their unique challenges. 

The heritage-listed bluestone building, originally a girls' orphanage, demanded thoughtful design consideration. Our approach prioritised creating a warm, inviting interior that retained its historical charm. 

By blending modern functionality with heritage preservation, we've significantly improved the facility's atmosphere, ensuring residents enjoy a comfortable and homely environment.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Napier-Street-Aged-Care napier-street-aged-care-stages-1-6-body-image-2
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Napier-Street-Aged-Care napier-street-aged-care-stages-1-6-body-image-4

The outcome - Coming Soon...

We're excitedly approaching the final stage of this significant refurbishment, and will soon announce its completion, celebrating the harmonious blend of heritage and modern comfort.

"They just have a process of works. Going above and beyond our expectations here at every point. The parent community are really excited about it. The students have been hanging to get onto the court. There are a lot of builders that promise to do things, but don't always deliver. These guys delivered."
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Michael Lowbridge Business Manager - Green Point Christian College
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