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Privacy-Centric Bathroom Refurbishment for Macquarie College

Addressing privacy and safety concerns

Macquarie College requested bathroom refurbishment with an emphasis on privacy, safety, and anti-bullying measures, leading to the creation of fully enclosed individual bathrooms.

Architecture, Construction, Interior Design

Macquarie College

Elemore Vale - NSW



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The opportunity

Macquarie College sought our expertise to address the renovation of their bathroom facilities. 

Their primary concerns centered around enhancing privacy and visibility within the bathroom blocks to reduce bullying incidents and foster a safer, more student-friendly environment campus-wide. 

Our design approach revolved around the concept of constructing self-contained individual bathrooms, aiming to tackle these pressing issues effectively.

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How we helped

Coverite Projects undertook a comprehensive bathroom renovation project at Macquarie College, driven by the client's specific needs. 

Our primary objective was to maximise privacy and enhance visibility within the bathroom blocks, with the aim of creating a safer and more student-friendly environment across the campus. 

To achieve this, we implemented a design strategy centred around the creation of self-contained individual bathrooms. 

This approach not only addressed the client's concerns but also contributed to minimising bullying incidents and fostering an improved atmosphere for students. 

The project encompassed the renovation and construction of these private, well-lit bathrooms, ultimately achieving our goal of creating a safer and more comfortable environment for the college community.

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The outcome

The bathroom renovation project at Macquarie College resulted in a remarkable transformation of the facilities. Our focus on maximising privacy and visibility yielded outstanding outcomes. 

The newly constructed self-contained individual bathrooms have become a key feature of the campus. These private, well-lit spaces have significantly reduced bullying incidents and improved overall safety. 

Moreover, they have created a more student-friendly environment, positively impacting the college community. 

The outcome is a set of modern, comfortable, and secure bathrooms that align with the college's commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience for its students. 

The project's success is evident in the improved atmosphere and increased safety across the campus.

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Education-Completed-Projects Macquarie-College-Bathroom-Project macquarie-college-bathroom-project-bottom-image-2
Education-Completed-Projects Macquarie-College-Bathroom-Project macquarie-college-bathroom-project-bottom-image-3
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