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Revitalising Green Point Christian College's Sports Facilities

GPCC Sports Court

Green Point Christian College elevates sports facilities, enhancing student activity and community involvement year-round.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Grants, Funding, & Land Acquisition


Green Point - NSW



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Case Study - Green Point Christian College

Case Study - Green Point Christian College

Michael Lowbridge, Business Manager of Green Point Christian College, discusses his experience with Coverite Projects.

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The opportunity

Before commencing the sports facilities upgrade, Green Point Christian College had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss and strategise how to maximise every aspect of the project. 

This preliminary phase offered the college a chance to explore various options to enhance the student and community experience, ensuring the new facilities would not only meet current needs but also anticipate future requirements and opportunities for growth and engagement.

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How we helped

During the planning and construction phases of Green Point Christian College's sports facility upgrade, our team at Coverite Projects played a pivotal role in steering the project towards success. 

From the beginning, we engaged in comprehensive discussions with the college to fully understand their vision and requirements. Our expertise in project management ensured a smooth and efficient process, minimising disruptions to the college's daily activities. 

Throughout the construction, we maintained open communication with the college, providing regular updates and adapting to their feedback. 

This collaborative approach enabled us to promptly address challenges and keep the project aligned with the college's goals, ensuring a client-focused journey towards achieving their desired outcomes.

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The outcome

The completion of Green Point Christian College's sports facility upgrade brought significant benefits to the client. 

The new, state-of-the-art facilities have greatly enhanced the college's physical education program, providing students with a modern, versatile space for a wide range of sports and activities. 

The weather-resistant design ensures uninterrupted use throughout the year, promoting consistent physical activity and outdoor learning. 

The upgraded space has also become a focal point for community events, strengthening the college's role in the local area. 

These improvements have not only elevated the student experience but have also positioned the college as a leader in providing top-tier educational facilities, reflecting their commitment to holistic student development and community engagement.

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"They just have a process that works. Going above and beyond our expectations here at every point. The parent community are really excited about it. The students have been hanging to get onto the court. There are a lot of builders that promise to do things, but don't always deliver. These guys delivered."
testimonials michael-lowbridge
Michael Lowbridge Business Manager - Green Point Christian College
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