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Nature's Playground: Jesmond Community Preschool's Outdoor Learning Landscape

Nature Play: Learning Redefined Outdoors

Jesmond Community Preschool's new outdoor area merges play with nature, featuring custom seating and timber platforms for creative, safe, and educational child development.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction


Jesmond - NSW

Early Learning & Childcare


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The opportunity

Prior to intervention, Jesmond Community Preschool sought to enhance their limited outdoor space to foster safe, engaging, and educational play. 

The existing area lacked the infrastructure to fully support the developmental needs of preschoolers. 

They required a design that would not only ensure the safety of the children but also stimulate their imaginations and encourage natural exploration. The need for a specialised approach to combine play with learning in an outdoor setting was evident. 

The preschool aimed to create an environment where children could seamlessly blend learning with the physical freedom of outdoor play, amidst nature's own backdrop.

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How we helped

Our team at Coverite responded to Jesmond Community Preschool's need for an enhanced outdoor learning environment. 

We crafted custom seating and timber platforms, creating a secure, nature-integrated space for imaginative play and exploration.

Focused on safety and creativity, our designs aimed to extend the classroom into the natural world, enriching the children's sensory experiences. 

Through our tailored solutions, we provided a transformative outdoor setting that supports the preschool's educational ethos and promotes a seamless fusion of discovery, play, and development.

Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Jesmond-Community-Preschool jesmond-community-preschool-body-image-2-after
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Jesmond-Community-Preschool jesmond-community-preschool-body-image-3

The outcome

Our team took on the challenge of rejuvenating Jesmond Community Preschool's outdoor environment. 

We meticulously designed and installed custom seating and engaging timber platforms, which harmonised with the natural surroundings. Our approach was to create a secure, interactive space that sparked imagination and learning through nature play. 

The result was a seamless integration of the outdoor landscape with the preschool's educational philosophy, providing children with enriching, sensory play experiences. 

This rejuvenation has not only catered to the client's vision but also offered the staff a versatile space to innovate in teaching, while gifting the community with a revitalised outdoor haven that celebrates learning amidst nature.

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Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Jesmond-Community-Preschool jesmond-community-preschool-bottom-image-3
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