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Innovative Preschool Design by Coverite Projects: Integrating Local Culture and Community Interests

Gladstone Street Preschool

Coverite Projects collaborated with Core Community Services to design a culturally enriched, two-storey preschool, emphasising local community interests and functionality, thereby enhancing the local area.

Project Management, Architecture

Core Community Services

Cabramatta - NSW

Early Learning & Childcare


Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Gladstone-Street-Preschool gladstone-street-preschool-body-image-1
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Gladstone-Street-Preschool gladstone-street-preschool-body-image-1

The opportunity

Prior to Coverite Projects' involvement, Core Community Services required expertise in developing a new preschool on their existing land. 

They needed a design that reflected local culture and community interests, ensuring the facility was not only functional but also a valuable community asset. 

This phase was crucial for envisioning a space that would seamlessly blend educational needs with community engagement, highlighting the importance of a thoughtful, culturally sensitive approach in the architectural planning stages.

Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Gladstone-Street-Preschool sector-expertise-commercial-image-6

How we helped

Coverite Projects stepped in to assist Core Community Services in realising their vision for a new preschool. 

We worked closely with the client's executive team, focusing on creating an architectural design that was not only functional but also deeply integrated with elements of local culture and community interests. 

Our team's expertise in project management and design assisted the development of a two-storey preschool facility that was both attractive and suited to the needs of the local community, thereby turning the initial concept into a tangible, valuable community asset.

Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Gladstone-Street-Preschool sector-expertise-commercial-image-6
Education-Completed-Projects Mount-St-Patricks-College---food-tech-and-hospitality-project services-project-management-body-image-2

The outcome - Coming Soon...

Our team is in the early stages of executing the construction plan, ensuring that the vision for this modern and student-centric learning centre becomes a reality. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we bring this project to life!

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