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Expanding Early Learning: Coverite Projects Designs New 100 Place Childcare Centre for Grenfell Community Preschool

Grenfell's New Childcare Centre Expansion

In 2023, Grenfell Community Preschool engaged Coverite Projects for a capital grant to expand and construct a new 100 place childcare centre, enhancing early learning facilities.

Project Management, Architecture, Interior Design

Grenfell Community Preschool

Grenfell - NSW

Early Learning & Childcare


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The opportunity

Before Coverite's involvement, Grenfell Community Preschool sought a capital grant to address their need for expansion. 

The preschool required a new facility to accommodate 100 additional places, aiming to broaden their capacity for early learning and meet the growing demand for quality childcare in the community. 

This expansion was envisioned to not only increase enrolment but also to enhance the educational environment for young learners in Grenfell, NSW. 

The directors of the board were in search of expert assistance to bring this vital project to fruition.

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How we helped

Our team was approached to assist Grenfell Community Preschool in securing a capital grant for expansion. 

We focused on designing and overseeing the construction of a new 100 place childcare facility, aimed at enhancing their early learning capacity.

 Leveraging our expertise in architectural and interior design, project management, and authority approvals, we committed to creating an enriching space that would allow the preschool to nurture and educate a greater number of children within the Grenfell community.

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The outcome - Coming Soon...

Our team is in the early stages of executing the construction plan, ensuring that the vision for this modern and student-centric learning centre becomes a reality. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we bring this project to life!

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