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Innovative Furniture Fit Out for a Modern and Productive Workplace Environment

Transforming the CSO Lismore, Tweed Heads Corporate Office

Engaged in December 2022, Coverite Projects designed and furnished the CSO Lismore, Tweed Heads Corporate Office. 

The project featured electric height-adjustable desking, boardroom, and meeting room furniture, along with ergonomic task seating. 

The inclusion of breakout soft seating enhanced the office's functional and comfortable work environment.

Interior Design

CSO Lismore

Tweed Heads, NSW



4 weeks

Commercial-Completed-Projects CSO-Lismore-Tweed-Heads-Office-Fitout cso-lismore-tweed-heads-office-fitout-banner-image-1
Commercial-Completed-Projects CSO-Lismore-Tweed-Heads-Office-Fitout cso-lismore-tweed-heads-office-fitout-body-image-1

The opportunity

Before Coverite Projects' engagement in December 2022, the CSO Lismore, Tweed Heads Corporate Office faced challenges in spatial design and furniture fit-out. 

The existing setup lacked functionality, with outdated desks and seating arrangements hindering employee productivity. 

Meeting rooms lacked a modern, professional atmosphere, and breakout spaces were underutilised. 

The opportunity lay in transforming these spaces into a dynamic and efficient workplace that promotes collaboration, comfort, and modern aesthetics.

The project aimed to align the office environment with contemporary standards, addressing ergonomic needs and enhancing the overall work experience for CSO Lismore's team.

Commercial-Completed-Projects CSO-Lismore-Tweed-Heads-Office-Fitout cso-lismore-tweed-heads-office-fitout-body-image-2

How we helped

Coverite Projects embraced the opportunity to transform the CSO Lismore, Tweed Heads Corporate Office in December 2022. 

The initiative involved a comprehensive spatial design and furniture fit-out, focusing on ergonomic principles and contemporary aesthetics. 

Close collaboration with CSO Lismore led to the introduction of electric height-adjustable desks, carefully selected breakout seating, and professional boardroom and meeting room furniture. 

The emphasis was on enhancing spatial efficiency, fostering collaboration, and ensuring ergonomic solutions. The process aimed to significantly improve the work experience for CSO Lismore's dedicated staff.

Commercial-Completed-Projects CSO-Lismore-Tweed-Heads-Office-Fitout cso-lismore-tweed-heads-office-fitout-body-image-2
Commercial-Completed-Projects CSO-Lismore-Tweed-Heads-Office-Fitout cso-lismore-tweed-heads-office-fitout-body-image-3

The outcome

Coverite Projects excelled in delivering a transformative outcome for CSO Lismore's Corporate Office, completing the spatial design and furniture fit-out with precision, achieving an impressive 4 weeks ahead of schedule. 

The result is a contemporary, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing workspace that aligns with CSO Lismore's vision.

The implementation of electric height-adjustable desks, thoughtfully designed breakout areas, and professional meeting spaces has elevated the overall work environment. 

CSO Lismore's staff now enjoy enhanced comfort, improved collaboration, and increased efficiency, positively impacting their well-being. 

This outcome not only aligns with the client's expectations but also contributes to fostering a positive atmosphere for both staff and clients alike.

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