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Brentwood's Revitalised Aged Care Experience

Brentwood Aged Care

The redesign of Brentwood Aged Care enhances spaces, adds amenities, and saves time and costs.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Grants, Funding, & Land Acquisition

Brentwood Aged Care

Geelong, VIC

Aged Care


12 Weeks

$1.5M - $2M


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The opportunity

Before Coverite's involvement, Brentwood Aged Care sought a comprehensive internal transformation to modernise and enhance the facility, aiming to create a more inviting and functional environment for its residents and staff. 

They needed a design that would meet the future needs of aged care, considering both aesthetics and practicality, especially in providing supportive spaces for those with dementia.

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How we helped

We were approached to fully revitalise Brentwood Aged Care's interior, crafting a space that would resonate with comfort and timelessness.

Our team worked intimately with Brentwood's management to meticulously refurbish the facility, enhancing corridors, living areas, and creating vibrant social spaces including a new hair salon and café, all while infusing principles of dementia-friendly design.

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The outcome

The renovation delivered by Coverite at Brentwood Aged Care resulted in an uplifted environment that significantly improved the quality of life for residents and offered staff a refreshed and functional workspace. 

This modernisation has fostered a stronger sense of community and well-being within the facility, positively impacting all who interact with the space.

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