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Central Coast Adventist School: A Beacon of Innovative Education and Design

Design Inspires Learning

Coverite Projects redefines Central Coast Adventist School with "The Innovation Hub," a state-of-the-art educational space

Architecture, Interior Design

Central Coast Adventist School

Erina, NSW



Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-hero-image-1
Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-body-image-1

The opportunity

Prior to our engagement, Central Coast Adventist School envisaged "The Innovation Hub," a new space to embody educational excellence. 

They needed a design that would not only enhance learning but also reflect the school's progressive ethos, inspiring students and educators alike within this proposed state-of-the-art facility

Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-body-image-6

How we helped

Coverite Projects collaborated with Central Coast Adventist School to create 'The Innovation Hub,' a cutting-edge facility tailored to enrich the school's educational landscape. 

Our role was to design a space that would inspire creativity and learning, reflecting the school's forward-thinking vision.

Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-body-image-6
Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-body-image-7

The outcome

Coverite Projects completed 'The Innovation Hub' at Central Coast Adventist School, fostering a dynamic learning and teaching environment. 

The successful delivery revitalised the educational setting, significantly enhancing the atmosphere for students and staff alike, and cementing the school's standing within the community as an institution dedicated to progressive education.

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Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-bottom-image-4
Education-Completed-Projects CCAS-Innovation-Hub ccas-innovation-hub-bottom-image-3
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