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Outdoor Play Spaces Transformation: A Creative and Safe Learning Environment

Boolaroo Speers Point Preschool

Coverite Projects revitalised Boolaroo Speers Point Preschool's outdoor play spaces, creating a vibrant, safe, and educational environment that fosters learning and social interaction for preschoolers.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction


Early Learning

2 weeks



$250k to $500k

Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-banner-image-1
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-body-image-1

The opportunity

Before Coverite Projects' involvement, Boolaroo Speers Point Preschool was seeking innovative design expertise to transform their outdoor play areas. 

The goal was to create spaces that were safe, met educational standards, and above all, inspired and stimulated learning through play.

 They needed environments that would foster development and provide engaging experiences for the children. 

In pursuit of specialised design solutions to realise this vision, the director was recommended to engage with Coverite Projects, a name synonymous with creativity and excellence in educational settings.

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How we helped

Our collaboration with Boolaroo Speers Point Preschool was a journey from discovery to design and finally to construction. 

We engaged deeply to understand their needs, conceptualising play spaces that would bolster both community and learning. 

Our design process was meticulous, aimed at creating a secure and stimulating environment conducive to child development. 

Through each phase, from initial sketches to the final build, our focus remained steadfast on delivering a space that was not only safe but also rich with opportunities for creative play and discovery.

Commercial-Completed-Projects WGH-Hospitality---Stage-1 wgh-hospitality-stage-1-body-image-2
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-body-image-2

The outcome

Our team at Coverite Projects has delivered to Boolaroo Speers Point Preschool an outdoor play area that's both safe and inspiring. 

Our design not only meets educational standards but also encourages active, imaginative play, benefiting students, staff, and the wider community. 

These new spaces stand as a testament to our team's commitment to creating environments that foster community connection and lifelong learning.

Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-bottom-image-1
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-bottom-image-2
Early-Learning-and-Childcare-Completed-Projects Boolaroo-Speers-Point-Preschool boolaroo-speers-point-preschool-bottom-image-3
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