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Educational Transformation: Designing a Future-Ready Learning Space

Alesco Senior College - Charlestown

Now a transformed space, innovatively designed and tech-equipped, benefits from a BGA grant for community-focused educational enhancement.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Grants, Funding, & Land Acquisition




$500k - $1M

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The opportunity

Before our engagement, ATWEA needed to convert an existing space into a multifunctional learning environment. 

They required expert design and construction services to create adaptable, tech-ready areas that would facilitate a variety of educational programs while adhering to the highest standards of comfort and modernity.

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How we helped

Our team at Coverite Projects successfully rose to the challenge of transforming ATWEA's space into a multifunctional educational hub, a feat that included securing a BGA grant to facilitate the project. 

We crafted innovative designs for natural ventilation, installed state-of-the-art joinery, and upgraded electrical and data systems, ensuring the learning environment was contemporary and adaptable. 

Our holistic approach not only modernised the space but also strategically positioned ATWEA to benefit from grant funding, which supported the creation of this dynamic educational setting.

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The outcome

Our team's work at ATWEA culminated in a versatile learning environment equipped with modern amenities. 

The client now enjoys a space that enhances educational delivery, the staff benefit from improved work areas, and the community gains a hub for multifaceted learning and development.

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