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15 January 2024

Simple ways to design an Aged Care Facility to feel more warm and homely

5 Proven ways that will assist your design journey

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Making an aged care facility feel more warm and homely goes beyond just furnishing the space or making sure there is enough seating for visitors. 
In addition to these details, construction design should also be taken into consideration when creating a comforting atmosphere in an aged care facility.
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Here are 5 x design tips that you can use to make your aged care facility feel more warm and homely:

1. Limit institutional features 

The use of large hallways, bright white walls and clinical furniture can give off a cold and clinical vibe which may not provide the inviting environment many family members look for when visiting their elderly loved ones. By replacing some of the traditional construction elements with home-like décor such as soft colours, carpets, and artwork will provide an inviting ambiance for the elderly residents and their visitors.

2. Incorporate natural elements 

Natural light and outdoor features such as a courtyard or garden can help bring the outside in, providing comfort and relaxation to inhabitants of the aged care facility. Natural construction materials such as wood furniture, textiles, and flooring are also beneficial to add warmth to an otherwise sterile environment.

3. Use flexible construction design 

Partition walls that can easily be rearranged create a sense of flexibility in construction design. This allows greater variety and change within the space so it can be adapted to different uses while still feeling comfortable and homely.

4. Consider acoustics 

High-quality construction material that can reduce noise reverberation is essential in aged care construction design. This will create a peaceful atmosphere which encourages relaxation while still allowing conversations and activities without overwhelming sound levels.

5. Incorporate technology 

Smart construction design solutions allow for greater control over the environment in an aged care facility, as well as providing convenience and safety to elderly residents. Automation of lighting and heating systems, security cameras, and other technologies can make living in an aged care facility more enjoyable without sacrificing on comfort or safety.

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By taking construction design into account when developing an aged care facility, you can ensure it provides the warmth and homely feel that your elderly residents deserve. With these construction design tips, you’ll be able to create a space that is comfortable, inviting, and safe for your elderly residents

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