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21 December 2023

Steps to ensure your next project is delivered on budget & on time

Discover how to keep your project on budget and schedule with our 4 pre-project stage steps.

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Design and Construction of all school, aged care or hospitality refurbishment can either be a minefield of cost and time blow outs, mixed in with lack of communication with ad hoc updates from your contractors or...

Alternatively, the process can be fully transparent with the help of a reputable design and construct team where constant communication, proactive management and guidance allows clients to have peace of mind to focus on the day-to-day operations.

Project success is reliant on both the Design (Architectural Team) and Construction (Builder) teams having a clear understanding of the client’s needs and project deliverables while aligning with budget allocated.

It is essential that construction teams have detailed designs and documentation to reference when completing construction projects, this will assist with meeting client expectations in terms of delivering their desired vision.

Foremost, planning is the key to all projects, more importantly the Pre-Planning (sometimes called feasibility) of a project to is imperative to ensure you know the desired vision and outcomes of a project are achievable.

(Just like Life Goals, if it’s not achievable, pointless investing time and money on a result that will not eventuate)

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4 Steps (Pre-Project Stage) to ensure your Project is a success!

1) Project Discovery

· Obtain & understand project requirements & desired outcomes

· Obtain budget expectations & requirements of the project

· Obtain any site information & inspect existing site conditions

· Set timeline for remaining 3 phases of the process

2) Concept Development

· Design team develop concepts and project options

· Concepts are shared with client at Project Control Group (PCG)

"Be fully transparent with the help of a reputable design and construct team."

3) Budget Analysis

· Further basic design development produced

· Design team & construction estimating team collaborate to

· formulate REALISTIC budget analysis

4) Preliminary Designs & Costings

· Preliminary design & cost estimates are presented to client at PCG

· List of anticipated 3rd party consultants required for the project

· Outline of high-level project delivery schedule

By following these steps, it ensures the client is setup for success from the beginning, allowing the project teams to deliver the vision that is completed on time, within budget and to the highest possible quality.

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We are a team of Architects, Interior Designers & Draftsmen collaborating with a team of Estimators, Builders & Tradespersons who Specialise in the Design and Construction of Inspiring Environments that enrich the quality of life of life of those that inhabit within the Education, Aged Care and Hospitality Sectors.

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