Rebekah Martin

Nominated Architect

Bek joined Coverite Projects in 2020.  Bek is a Registered Architect and Qualified Interior Designer and, with over 12 years’ experience across a diverse portfolio of projects, heads up our Design Team as our Design Manager and Nominated Architect. 

Bek is passionate about quality design outcomes that take a wholistic approach, considering aesthetic, functionality and innovation in equal measure. Bek is particularly interested in the interplay between indoor and outdoor environments in architecture and how a well-considered wholistic design can inspire and enrich the lives of the end user, especially in aged care and education settings.




ISO – Certified 9001 – Quality

ISO – Certified 14001 – Environment

ISO – Certified 45001 –Safety

Nominated Architect

Rebekah Martin

NSW Registered Architect 10165

​VIC Registered Architect 20570