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Edgecliff Aged Care Revitalisation 

- St Vincents Care

Revitalised Residential Comfort

St Vincent's aged care revitalisation by Coverite Projects; 

Redesigned rooms and ensuites, achieving cost-effective, impressive results.

Project Management, Construction

St Vincents Care

Edgecliff, NSW

Aged Care



$500k - $1M

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The opportunity

Prior to our engagement, St Vincent's faced the challenge of revitalising their ageing Edgecliff facility's resident spaces.

 They aspired to enhance these areas cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality or resident comfort. 

The goal was to create a modern, uplifting environment through smart design, improving both functionality and aesthetics for residents and staff. 

This presented an opportunity for a strategic overhaul, to deliver improved living conditions within a responsible budget, ensuring the wellbeing of their community was at the forefront of development.

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How we helped

Our team collaborated closely with St Vincent's property team, tackling the challenge of updating their Edgecliff facility.

Our approach combined value engineering with creative design solutions to transform outdated resident rooms and ensuites into modern, comfortable spaces. 

By optimising the existing layout and integrating efficient, cost-effective materials and methods, we ensured the refurbishment met both the client's budgetary requirements and their high standards for resident care. 

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail resulted in a significantly enhanced living environment, fulfilling the client's vision for a revitalised aged care facility.

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The outcome

The refurbishment at St Vincent's Edgecliff facility delivered transformative benefits: upgraded living spaces significantly improved resident satisfaction and wellbeing, while the modernised design and functionality enhanced staff efficiency and morale. 

This project not only revitalised the physical environment but also bolstered the community's perception of St Vincent's commitment to providing exceptional aged care. 

Through strategic execution, we achieved a cost-effective solution that exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for comfort and care within the aged care sector.

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