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Sawtell's Servery Transformation

Servery Space Reimagined

Coverite Projects redefined Sawtell Catholic Care's dining by designing homely, functional serveries, ensuring minimal disruption and fostering engagement.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design

Sawtell Catholic Care

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Aged Care


6 Weeks

$250k - $500k


Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-banner-image-1
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-body-image-1

The opportunity

Before Coverite Projects' engagement, Sawtell Catholic Care sought innovative designs to elevate their resident serveries and dining areas, aiming for a harmonious balance of function and homeliness.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-body-image-2

How we helped

Recognising Sawtell Catholic Care's need for improved serveries and dining spaces, we at Coverite stepped in to create designs that were not only functional but also fostered a warm, homely feel. 

We developed new layouts for meal service areas that facilitated efficient interactions between residents and staff, while also ensuring these spaces were comfortable and inviting. 

Our involvement included a full strip out and thoughtful reconfiguration, enhancing the overall dining experience within the care facility.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-body-image-2
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-body-image-4

The outcome

The refurbishment at Sawtell Catholic Care delivered a significant uplift, enhancing the residents' mealtime experience with new, homely serveries and dining areas. 

Staff efficiency improved due to the thoughtful layouts, while the community's perception of the care facility was bolstered, cementing its reputation for providing high-quality, compassionate care.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-bottom-image-1
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-bottom-image-2
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Sawtell-Catholic-Care-Serveries sawtell-catholic-care-serveries-bottom-image-3
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