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Calvary Nazareth Belmont's Aged Care Upgrade Project Completion

Aged Care Refurbishment

Calvary Nazareth Belmont Aged Care's staged resident room upgrade enhances facility with timely, budget-aligned improvements.

Project Management, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design

Calvary Aged Care

Belmont, NSW

Aged Care


2 Weeks


$250k - $500k

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Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Calvary-Nazareth-Belmont calvary-nazareth-belmont-body-image-1

The opportunity

Prior to Coverite's involvement, Calvary Nazareth Belmont was seeking to modernise their aged care facility, specifically targeting upgrades to resident rooms and ensuites. 

They required a detailed and strategic approach to rejuvenate their living spaces, ensuring improvements aligned with the comfort and quality expected in contemporary aged care, all while minimising disruptions to their residents and operations.

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How we helped

Our team took on the challenge at Calvary Nazareth Belmont, spearheading a crucial upgrade for their aged care facility. Our team crafted all interior design and documentation, working closely to deliver these enhancements. 

Through meticulous project management and adherence to authority approvals, we ensured the refurbishment not only met but surpassed expectations, all within the intended timeline and budget constraints.

Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Calvary-Nazareth-Belmont calvary-nazareth-belmont-body-image-2
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Calvary-Nazareth-Belmont calvary-nazareth-belmont-body-image-3

The outcome

The upgrade at Calvary Nazareth Belmont delivered enhanced living spaces for residents, improving their quality of life and safety. 

Staff benefited from updated facilities that streamlined care procedures, boosting efficiency and workplace satisfaction. 

The community saw the aged care facility not only elevate its standard of care but also reinforce its commitment to providing a nurturing and contemporary environment for seniors, reflecting positively on the community's values and standards.

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Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Calvary-Nazareth-Belmont calvary-nazareth-belmont-bottom-image-2
Aged-Cared-Completed-Projects Calvary-Nazareth-Belmont calvary-nazareth-belmont-bottom-image-3
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