The Coverite Roadshow

We are in planning stages of our new initiative, The Inaugural and Annual Coverite Projects Roadshow!

We are bringing together a team of professional keynote speakers that provide relevant and up to date information and services to the Aged Care Community in Rural NSW. The event is an opportunity for facilities in regional NSW to network, learn and discuss changes, common issues and trends within the industry.

The events will be hosted at key regional locations throughout NSW.

Topics of discussion may include:

• HR & Finance
• Discussion Panel
• Increasing your Government Funding
• Demonstrations & Information on selling your rooms and facility to prospective residents
• Designing for Dementia, Indoors and Outdoors
• Preparing a Business Plan

As we are in the planning stage we invite you to put forward key topics that you would like included in the event. Please email us at

Free Call 1800 624 990

Coverite Projects

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