Rathgar Lodge

Client UPA Rathgar Lodge
Design By Coverite
Date November 2017
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Comprising of self-contained accommodation and a dementia care facility, UPA Rathgar Lodge is a specialised facility in Grafton NSW.

Coverite Projects was instructed by UPA Rathgar Lodge to design, refurbish and upgrade 6 bedrooms, all with adjoining bathrooms, 1 corridor and 1 lounge space used by its residents and staff to help improve the ​accessibility, safety and design​ of the specified project space.

UPA Rathgar Lodge requested that the refurbishment of their facility include the improvement of accessibility and comfort for residents and staff, as well as a modern upgrade to its interior design.
After consultation with our staff, design team, tradespeople and on-site specialists, it was determined that this result would be best achieved by;
● A seamless transition of flooring surfaces between spaces and corridors.
● Reconfiguration of bathrooms to improve functionality and accessibility for both
residents and staff.
● Fresh colour scheme to promote a homely feel, and complement new fixtures and
● New lighting to brighten all project spaces, making them more inviting and
● A combination of new fixtures and finishes to promote a modern aesthetic.

The design process began with a consultation to select appropriate colours, materials and finishes that would bring a bright and modern touch to the older internal spaces. This included the fabric selection for re-upholstery, a selection of modern window coverings, paint colours, and new tap ware and light fittings.
The design team created a plan that allowed for the widening of current doorframes to allow for easier access and mobility throughout the project space, while also incorporating a brand new, purpose-built joinery, which was added to each of the six bedrooms. This included a kitchenette, high impact bedhead, desk, shelving unit, new robe and vanity.

To minimise interruption to the routines of staff and residents, construction work was split into separate stages.

Onsite work began with the stripping of the project area. The bathroom and corridor were realigned, and new anti-slip and anti-bacterial flooring was installed. The painting of all project areas, and installation of electrical services, points and outlets were then completed by Coverite qualified experts and tradespeople.
During the demolition, the Coverite team noted several unexpected issues that had to be addressed before the job could progress further.

Investigations revealed internal and external water damage, which led to extra works being added to the refurbishment scope. These issues were promptly rectified, with roof and window replacement, external concrete path restoration, additional treatment to existing foundations, and extensive protection against termites.

This additional work was outlined by our construction team, communicated and approved by the client, and executed professionally, which allowed for the original refurbishment to continue.
In doing this, Coverite successfully avoided further damage to the existing structure, saving the client time and money while securing the integrity of the building.
Taking care of the original refurbishment works, and the additional works, increased the overall serviceability of Rathgar Lodge, making it a state of the art facility that enhanced comfort and accessibility while creating a modern home for residents.

The ease of transition from construction to completion was widely applauded and something that Coverite is extremely proud of.
Working closely with the Rathgar Lodge staff every step of the way, from the brief to completion, allowed for Coverite to deliver a project of the highest quality with minimal disruption.
The end result is a refurbishment that reflects the beautiful setting of UPA Rathgar Lodge, and a beautiful environment for residents, staff and guests to enjoy.