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Education reinvented


"Change is the end result of all true learning." Leo Buscagliaia

Strategy, design and delivery, all in one seamless, end-to-end experience.

Mission Statement

To build lasting relationships with our clients by consistently exceeding expectations & maximising outcomes with our client's budget.

We’re committed to refurbishing your establishment in the least disruptive way possible.



Coverite comprises of a skillful and collaborative team of interior designers, architect, project managers and tradespeople.

Whether it’s designing a space, upgrading finishes and fixtures, or effectively managing a learning environment refurbishment, we consider every part of your project, from beginning to end.

Our team of interior designers with our in-house leading architect Rebekah Martin, our project managers and tradespeople are all dedicated to the planning of our construction projects by designing and refurbishing educational facilities that enhance every aspect of learning for students whilst also inspiring their teachers.

Our educational facility services include: Fitouts | Refurbishment | Renovations | Interior Design Services | Flooring | Design & Construct | Extensions | Bathrooms & Toilet Blocks | Science Labratories | Classrooms | Studios | Libraries | Commercial Kitchens

#learningactivated #designandbuild #ideastorealisaton #reinventingforthefuture #discoverdesigndeliver

Interior Design

Our team understands that well-executed school design has the power to change the world for the better. This is why we love what we do.


We’re committed to building interior architecture spaces that meet the requirements of your vision board whilst also inspiring students, teachers, visitors and employees for higher education.

Motivated by excellence

Our specialised team collaborate and work with you to create concepts that breathe new life into brand new or existing facilities. It’s our mission to improve the functionality of any space.


To keep up with industry standards, it is important to approach commercial design with innovation and flexibility. This is why we adopt adaptability to manage and complete your space within a set budget and timeframe, while exceeding in design quality.


We are thoroughly trained in commercial and healthcare compliance, holding specific knowledge of building codes and industry standards to ensure that the daily operations and mechanics of your facility are professionally completed.


We are live site specialists. Our experience working around varying operating hours gives you the peace of mind of minimal disruption to your current business, ensuring that you can rely on us to execute the ideas and bring every detail to life, within budget and on time.


Our collaborative approach to design, refurbishment and construction forms part of our positive working culture. We listen to your needs, goals and ideas every step of the way, allowing us to introduce you to the most positive of construction and design experiences.



School is out when it comes to refurnishing our places of education and study like they did in the past. No longer are students confined to small classrooms that inhibit academic growth and boredom.

Bright and colourful interiors now top the class in an effort to make classrooms stimulating and functional for students and teachers.


Reinventing for the future.

Almost as simple as the ABC’s, renovating classrooms is made easier with the help of specialist design companies, who’s main design goal is to increase students learning potential whilst also producing aesthetically pleasing surrounds. The larger areas promote increased learning and social engagement for students with teachers. They are suitable for all levels of education, from kindergarten to universities.



Refurbishing classrooms into high tech learning spaces of the future seems to be the trend as modern learning tools are now mainly digital gadgets, tablets and laptops. Strategically placed USB ports, communal ergonomic stations and social networking hubs are all essential in the current education system.

Our interior designer and architect will guide and collaborate with you through the entire design and construction process. Our family run business knows the importance of staying connected with our valued customers from concept to end of any size project. Let our experience and knowledge help your school or educational institution increase your students learning potential with an on trend and dynamic study area.


Coverite is a family owned company servicing the education and healthcare industries for over 40 years. Our renowned expertise in hospital, aged care and school projects has given us invaluable insight into the design and construct process of operational live environments. Building on this, we incorporate a design, refurbishment and construction service. Offering in house interior design, project management, builders, construction and styling. Our projects are delivered on the understanding of the following critical factors.

● A client’s requirement to stay operational whilst planning for the future;

● How to minimise stalling during the planning process;

● Simplifying approval processes that can become complicated.

You stay operational

Our specialised team collaborate and work to your requirements to stay operational whilst renovating your project.

On-time and within budget

Our in-house design, project management, construction and styling team bring every detail to life, within budget and on time.

Motivated by excellence

We simplify the complicated approval processes to make it easy for you and maximise your returns on your investment.

We get it done.

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