Designing For Dementia

Designing For Dementia

Dementia-friendly design not only enhances the wellbeing of residents living with dementia but enables aged care providers to create sustainable environments.

The interiors of buildings can be designed to compensate for the disabilities arising from dementia, including impaired memory, especially recent memory; impaired learning and/or reasoning; high levels of stress; impaired visual perception and issues with hearing.  If we provide the right environment, we can help people to remain comfortable and as independent as they can be.

The quality of the acoustic environment as an example, is a vital component of good dementia-friendly design. People need to be able to hear well in order to make sense of it and in order to function at the highest possible level. Good acoustics can actively contribute to ensuring that a person with dementia can communicate and remain included with in the community within which they live.

Research has shown dementia specific design principles reduce negative outcomes for such as agitation, confusion and wandering behaviours, and increase positive outcomes in areas such as mobility, wayfinding and activities of daily living.

Coverite Projects’ Design Team is highly experienced in design for care environments with specialty focus on the dementia design principles for the built environment. The key principles of focus are, acoustics, colour, signage, lighting, access to outdoor spaces and addressing personalisation in both public and private spaces when working with a facility to develop a design.


The aim of a dementia-friendly designed environment is to:

  • – Unobtrusively reduce risk
  • – Allow people to see and be seen
  • – Minimise unhelpful stimulation
  • – Optimise helpful stimulation
  • – Support movement and engagement
  • – Create familiar spaces
  • – Provide opportunities to be alone or with others
  • – Provide links with the community
  • – Respond to a vision for way of life outcomes & interests

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