Creating Outdoor Spaces

Creating Outdoor Spaces

Access to an outdoor space is both a need and a requirement for all human beings. In fact, clear access to a safe and interesting outdoor space is proven to help people recover from illness, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Well-designed green spaces help to maintain the circadian rhythms and support the very important absorption of vitamin D which in turn is known to reduce falls and assist with general wellness.

Gardens and outdoor spaces are increasingly being re-introduced as an important tool in the care, socialisation, behaviour management and contributor to the quality of life for care facility residents and particularly those people living with dementia.

Coverite Projects offers consultancy, design and documentation, and construction services for a wide range of green spaces. We can work with you to create inclusive community gardens, dementia gardens, sensory gardens, edible gardens and accessible working gardens.

All of these gardens can be developed in existing spaces, newly developed areas or a combination of the two. Restoring an existing courtyard with the inclusion of the Dementia Design Principles, can be a simple and effective way to offer residents both the much needed out-door time as well as offering an additional space which will enhance their day to day life.


Benefits of a dementia garden include:

  • – Enjoyable form of exercise
  • – Increases levels of activity and assists to maintain mobility and flexibility
  • – Encourages use of motor skills for walking, reaching, bending, planting and taking cuttings
  • – Improves endurance and strength
  • – Helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis
  • – Reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation
  • – Provides stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors
  • – Improves the sense of wellbeing due to increased social interaction

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