Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Bathrooms

If you’ve just had a Coverite bathroom installed, congratulations! We have compiled a few simple steps to help ensure your vinyl bathrooms always look great and enjoy a long and trouble-free life. Commercial cleaning and maintenance of Coverite vinyl is simple and can be carried out by hand or using mechanical cleaning apparatus. We recommend using pH neutral cleaning products, as other products may contain agents that can damage floor surfaces.  

After Installation

  1. Remove all loose debris from the floor using a vacuum, brush or dust mop.
  2. Ensure that all dry adhesive is removed from the vinyl floor surface.
  3. Use a damp mop and pH neutral detergent to clean the vinyl floor. If you’re using a cleaning apparatus (<450rpm), use a 3M red pad (or equivalent) or scrubber dryer to clean the floor.

Daily Maintenance


  1. Sweep, static dust or vacuum floors thoroughly to remove all dirt and dust.
  2. Mop floors using a damp nylon, rayon or microfiber mop.
  3. Spot scrub edges and fixtures using soft bristled broom and pH neutral floor cleaner.

Tips & Tricks

  • Take care when using vacuum cleaners. Some vacuum cleaners are not suitable for vinyl floors. If you are using a vacuum, ensure there are no sharp edges or parts where grit can become embedded, as these may scratch the floor.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging furniture. Moving furniture or other objects can scratch your floor. Lift and place furniture or use load-bearing castors to prevent indentation from heavy furniture or appliances.
  • Rubber can permanently stain vinyl floor coverings. Avoid using rubber-backed mats, rubber furniture feet or rubber-wheeled castors.
  • Prevent stains by cleaning spillages. Use a damp mop to clean up spillages quickly to avoid slips and prevent stains.
  • Avoid using aerosol sprays or silicone-based products. These products can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of injury.
  • Locate and address surface scratches. If surface scratches appear, it’s important to locate and address the cause of the problem. The appearance of scratching can be improved by following steps 2 and 3 above.

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