Aged & Healthcare Fitouts.

At Coverite, we pride ourselves on creating healthcare and aged care fitouts that meet the needs of residents and patients.

There’s little disruption to your everyday operations while we plan, design and construct spaces that people feel comfortable in.

We take an innovative approach from concept to completion – never compromising on quality, while also honouring building codes and government regulations.


Coverite is a family owned company servicing the education and healthcare industries for over 40 years. Our renowned expertise in hospital, aged care and school refurbishment has given us invaluable insight into the design and construct process of operational live environments. Building on this, we incorporate a design, refurbishment and construction service. Offering in house interior design, project management, builders, construction and styling. Our projects are delivered on the understanding of the following critical factors.

● A client’s requirement to stay operational whilst planning for the future and refurbishing;

● How to minimise stalling during the planning process;

● Simplifying approval processes that can become complicated.

You stay operational

Our specialised team collaborate and work to your requirements to stay operational whilst renovating your space.

On-time and within budget

Our in-house design, project management, construction and styling team bring every detail to life, within budget and on time.

Motivated by excellence

We simplify the complicated approval processes to make it easy for you and maximise your returns on your investment.

Motivated by excellence

Our specialised team collaborate and work with you to create concepts that breathe new life into brand new or existing facilities. It’s our mission to improve the functionality of any space.


To keep up with industry standards, it is important to approach commercial design with innovation and flexibility. This is why we adopt adaptability to manage and complete your space within a set budget and timeframe, while exceeding in design quality.


We are thoroughly trained in commercial and healthcare compliance, holding specific knowledge of building codes and industry standards to ensure that the daily operations and mechanics of your facility are professionally completed.


We are live site specialists. Our experience working around varying operating hours gives you the peace of mind of minimal disruption to your current business, ensuring that you can rely on us to execute the ideas and bring every detail to life, within budget and on time.


Our collaborative approach to design, refurbishment and construction forms part of our positive working culture. We listen to your needs, goals and ideas every step of the way, allowing us to introduce you to the most positive of construction and design experiences.